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We haven’t been able to visit our neighbours for a very long time. The new Twin City Liner will return to its regular route and connect Vienna with the Slovakian capital. Bratislava is an exceptional city just 60 kilometres away from Vienna on the Danube river. It will be far less crowded there this summer owing to the coronavirus. The Twin City Liner needs just 75 minutes to cover the distance. On a day trip with the modern high-speed catamaran, visitors can cover all of the most important sights and attractions such as the castle, the old town and several museums in a relaxed manner. The castle, which sits majestically upon a rock, is Bratislava’s landmark. From there, an unforgettable view across the city and the Danube opens up. The beautifully laid out castle garden also invites passers-by to linger a while. Bratislava’s old town, also known as Staré Mesto, continues to serve as the centre of the Danubian metropolis. It isn’t particularly large, but a wander through the narrow alleyways at the historical heart of the city is highly recommended.

Departures on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. From 27th august  till 1. nov, also on fridays.

Departure from Schwedenplatz, Vienna at 09:00 arrival in Bratislava at 10:30.
Return journey from Bratislava at 15:15; arrival in Vienna at 17:00.

Single price per leg and per person: from €22.

Bookings by telephone under +43 (0)1 904 88 80 or online

Unvaccinated people are subject to a 14-day quarantine period when they enter Slovakia from July 9th. Travelers who have had full VACCINE PROTECTION for at least 14 days are exempt. People entering Slovakia must register electronically at when entering the country at the latest.



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