COVID-19 information

Covid-19 information for your stay on board.
NEW: Aircleaners from Ozonos® on board the Twin City Liner.

Your health is important to us, which is why we have installed Aircleaners from Ozonos® on board the Twin City Liner. They can remove up to 100 percent of corona viruses from the air and over 90 percent of corona viruses from surfaces. This has been proven by the internationally recognised test laboratory for hygiene and medical products run by HygCen Germany GmbH. As a result, the risk of becoming infected on the ship has been greatly reduced.

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What you need to obey now!

Usage of face mask or cloth/scarf. Touching at the edge, not the mask itself.

Keep 1 metre distance to other passengers.

Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands and disinfect them.

Do not shake hands.

Coughing/sneezing: Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear passengers,

due to the present situation and the border crossing into the Slovak Republic, the Twin City Liner service to Bratislava is discontinued at the moment. Concerning our journeys with the Twin City Liner Austria-Ticket we would like to draw your attention to the following Covid-19 related regulations on board:

Will the catering-kiosk on board be opened?

Yes, this is according to the present regulations permitted. Detailed information: Stated in the so called „Lockerungsverordnung“ § 6 clause 11 No. 5, the paragraphs 1 to 10 do not apply for the typ of business of the hotel and restaurant industry which are conducted within high capacity public transport
(e.g. on-board restaurants). This means no ban for entering a restaurant located within a high capacity public transport. The meaning is that the overall “hygiene and distance prescriptions” do not apply for on-board restaurants. Solely wrapped food, snacks or sweets will be offered and sold. Drinks will be served in eco-friendly disposable papercups only.

Which sanitary prescriptions do apply on the Twin City Liner?

Boarding the Twin City Liner will be in small groups only. Likewise deboarding will be in small groups to avoid rush and too close distances. Everybody has to obey the orders given by the ship’s crew. Until cancelled every passenger on board has to wear a face mask, this regulation does not apply for children younger than 6 years. We kindly ask all passengers to bring their own mask. In particular cases if somebody forgot to bring his own mask, a crew member will provide the passenger with a mask (f,o,c,) When boarding the vessel two stands with disinfectant will be provided – please use them. On each lavatory additional dispencers with desinfactant are provided. The most important sanitary procedures will be posted on board (compare the attachment). Due to security reasons there will be no information brochures like magazines, timetables, leaflets, etc. In the seat pocket the menu card only will be provided. These cards, the arm-rests, folding tables and of course the lavatories will be cleaned and disinfected after each way. Informative brochures about the destinations will be handed out directly by the crew members on request.

Is there free seating on board?

No, every passenger has an allocated seat. However, the crew members will try to use a free capacity to increase the distance between passengers.

Can we as a family sit together?

Yes, please consider this already when you book (when choosing your seats)

Can you move around on board?

Yes, however, due to security reasons every passenger has to be seated while the Twin City Liner is cruising through the Danube Canal.

Is there a possibility to visit the command bridge?

No, please do understand that under the present circumstances this is without exemption not possible.


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