Terms and conditions of the Adventure card

Terms and conditions of the Adventure card of TWIN CITY LINER

These Terms and Conditions govern the legal relationship between the holder of a Twin City Liner Adventure card ("Cardholder") and the Central Danube Region Marketing & Development GmbH ("CDR-GmbH"). By purchasing the adventure card, the Cardholder accepts these terms and conditions.


1.1 Adventure card of Twin City Liner

The Adventure card of Twin City Liner ("Adventure card") is a discount card that enables cardholders to have access to excursions and leisure experiences such as hotels, restaurants, excursions, cultural facilities, etc. ("Attractions", see listing on www.twincityliner.com/erlebniskarte) after buying the card at an annual lump sum. The applicable rates or discounts of the destinations as well as a description of the services offered, the opening times and the number of possible utilizations are published on the Internet at www.twincityliner.com/erlebniskarte.



1.2 Cardholder

Cardholder is a person who has a valid card, issued on his/her name. A transfer or use of the card by third parties is strictly prohibited and it will lead to the withdrawal of card. The adventure card shall be signed by the cardholder on the back.

1.3 Rights of the cardholder
The cardholder is entitled to use the services published on www.twincityliner.com/erlebniskarte without separate payment to CDR-GmbH during the contract period. These above mentioned services are not the service of CDR-GmbH. It applies for the description, opening times and number of possible utilization indicated on www.twincityliner.com/erlebniskarte. Only the cardholder can use the services by presenting the adventure card and a valid ID card. The service provider has the right to check the validity of the card as well as the identity of the cardholder. If it is required, cardholder should show a valid photo ID issued by the government. All claims, in particular damages and warranty claims, in connection with the services, can be issued to the destination operator. CDR-GmbH is not liable for any damages in connection with the use of the services of the excursion destination. CDR-GmbH is not obliged to review the attractions or the services to ensure safety and/or conduct any controls. Thus, there is no liability for the selection or monitoring of destinations and the operators. The legal relationship between the destination operator and the cardholder is regulated by the applicable terms and conditions of the destination. The conditions and prices of the destinations apply for additional service of the destination published on www.twincityliner.com/erlebniskarte


1.4 Changing of services
Limitations of services of attractions may arise in individual cases from weather, seasonal or other circumstances such as technical malfunction or maintenance. In this case, CDR-GmbH and the destination operator have the right to terminate the cooperation during the contract period and disable the use of the offered benefit/service. In this case, cardholders shall have no right to request compension or discounts at any kind. CDR-GmbH will announce restrictions or the elimination of benefits as soon as possible on the website www.twincityliner.com/erlebniskarte

1.5 Validation
The validity of the Adventure card depends on the instructions printed on the Adventure card. The adventure card loses its validity automatically after this time and without any prior notice. The cardholder has the right to use the adventure card only as long as the contractual relationship exists and as long as the card is valid. In case of good cause, CDR-GmbH is entitled to prematurely withdraw the card with immediate effect. Good cause is especially the abuse and the transmission of the card by the cardholder. In this case, CDR-GmbH is entitled to terminate card without replacement. In this case, the cardholder is obliged to return card without replacement.

1.6 Obligations of the cardholder
The cardholder is obliged to handle the card carefully. No safekeeping or failure to keep safe refers to when third parties can gain custody of the card without considerable effort, or card or card data is passed on to third parties. The adventure card may only be used for its intended use. Any other use of the card is not permitted. The misuse of the card entitles CDR-GmbH to terminate the contract in accordance with paragraph 1.5.


1.7 Loss / Theft
If cardholder loses the card for whatever reason, he is obliged to immediately notify CDR-GmbH. In this case, his card will be blocked by CDR-GmbH. The cardholder can request replacement card after paying a processing fee of €5.

1.8 Change of contact information of the cardholder
The cardholder must notify CDR-GmbH about any change in contact details, especially about changing his e-mail address. Notification should happen in writing. If the cardholder has changed his/her contact data, but did not notify CDR-GmbH about the changes, CDR-GmbH will contact cardholder via the address that is in the system of CDR-GmbH.


1.9 Privacy Policy
CDR-GmbH collects and processes personal data submitted by cardholders during the contracted period. This data includes surname and first name, academic degree, home address, e-mail address as well as the type, date, time and services of the used services. ("Data"). The cardholder grants his/her consent with the purchase of card and therefore the data can be used by CDR-GmbH to send marketing offers by post, SMS or e-mail as well as to evaluate tourism habits. Cardholders grant consent to the use of data by CDR-GmbH with the purchase of card and therefore the data can be used to further develop and optimize service of the card.


The cardholder is entitled to revoke this declaration of consent at any time. The cardholder grants his/her consent with purchase of card to receive offers by post, SMS or e-mail from destinations previously visited to the provided address data as part of the data as defined above. The cardholder is entitled to revoke his/her consent at any time by sending a statement to the CDR-GmbH.


10.1 Jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is Vienna. Austrian law applies to the jurisdiction under the Austrian Private International Law, the law of European Debt Contract Agreement and the CISG Agreement. The place of jurisdiction for contracts of Adventure card that are not finished with consumers as defined in iSd § 1 KSchG (§ 1 Consumer Protection Act) is first District of Vienna.


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