Captain´s Lounge

New Twin City Liner's Captain's Lounge.

Have you ever wished Happy Birthday to your loved ones while travelling at 70 kph, with the background of fishing huts and primeval Danube wetlands, a truly unique ambience?

You are sipping your wine and play an interesting game of cards with your friends in view of the majestic castle of Devin, see how it pulls in mystical light?

Have you ever looked outside at the trees in full bloom along the Danube Canal while discussing your next year's marketing strategy with your business partner?

We can offer you these exceptional experiences in the Captain’s Lounge of our new Twin City Liner.

Situated on the upper deck, just behind the navigation bridge,the Captain’s Lounge provides 35 First Class seats.

Bookable as a single seat or entirely around an inviting table (2-, 4- or 6 seats). This is undoubtly one of the most beautiful methods to travel between Vienna and Bratislava.
The captain’s Lounge is equipped with loading units for cell phones or other electronical devices and free Wi-Fi ensures that you can stay online the entire journey.

Our Captain’s Lounge awaits you with a very warm welcome.


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