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Bratislava is home to two opera houses. The first is the Slovak National Theatre. Boasting exceptional architecture, this opera house lies at the heart of a modern complex on the banks of the Danube. Contemporary plays and exciting dance and ballet performances are also staged within this modern building.

The second opera house in Bratislava is the oldest in Slovakia. Built from 1884-86, it is located in Hviezdoslav Square in the heart of the city, only a few metres from the Twin City Liner landing stage.

The Viennese love going to the opera in Bratislava. This is because here, operas are staged traditionally and lovingly. In order to enjoy a wonderful evening at the opera in Bratislava, we recommend taking the Twin City Liner which departs at 4:30 p.m. The bus is then the ideal choice for the return journey, reaching Vienna in just one hour.

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