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Tip 1: From Vienna to Bratislava By Bike

Starting at Vienna’s Donauinsel [Danube Island], simply keep following the signs marked “Velo 6” and you are sure to reach Bratislava. Depending on your level of fitness (or whether or not you have an e-bike), the 60 km route takes four to six hours.

From the Donauinsel, head in the direction of the Lobau, which leads into the Donau-Auen National Park. After 21 km, you will reach Orth an der Donau. A short stop at one of the two recently-renovated local castles – Schloss Orth or Schloss Eckartsau – is always worth your while. After another 21 km, you reach Hainburg. Just before entering the town, you cross over the imposing Andreas-Maurer-Brücke, a bridge which crosses the Danube, to find yourself on the right bank of the Danube once again. With its 2.5 km of town walls, three remaining gates and 15 towers, all of which date back to the 13th century, Hainburg boasts one of the oldest and most intact town fortifications in Europe. The wonderful Kulturfabrik exhibition centre is situated directly on the route, while numerous restaurants and Heuriger wine taverns tempt you to stay a while. Now, it’s only 16 km to Bratislava. The border between Austria and Slovakia can be crossed without any problems shortly after Wolfsthal. From here, you can already see Bratislava’s historic castle in the distance. Now, all you have to do is cross the Nový Most, or “New Bridge”, with its landmark “UFO” – a former observation post from the communist era.

The trip back on our Twin City Liner is much more leisurely. Departure times are 2:30 p.m., 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The Twin City Liner Huma 6 landing stage is situated just a few metres from the Nový Most. You can bring your bike on board for a surcharge of €5.00 per bike. We have our own e-bike charging station! Don’t forget your helmet!

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The Twinny Cycle Route: “Donaumarina” stop on the U2 subway line - right bank of the Danube - Freudenau Power Plant - Donauinsel - Walulisobrücke pontoon bridge - Lobau Oil Terminal - Lobau - Hubertus Dam - Schönau - Orth - Stopfenreuth - Danube crossing - Hainburg - Wolfsthal – Nový Most - Bratislava.


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Tip 2: From Bratislava to Vienna/or Angern by bike

For the trip to Bratislava it is recommended to take the 8:30 or 12:30 ship. After leaving the ship, we head directly upstream along the banks of the Danube in the direction of Devin Castle. Devin (Thebes) is not only a magnificent place, but also one of the most important archaeological sites in Central Europe. The March River flows into the Danube directly below the 80-metre-high castle rock. On the opposite bank you can see Austria. The "Tor der Freiheit" monument (Gate to Freedom) is a strong reminiscent of the many victims who wanted to flee to Austria via the March. This is also where the „Iron Curtain Trail“ cycle path of Velo 13 begins. After 5 km through untouched meadow landscape you reach the "Bicycle Bridge of Freedom". This steel construction was erected in cross-border cooperation between Austria and Slovakia, as a symbol for good neighbourliness. If you want to continue to Vienna, cross the bridge and you can already see the beautiful Hof Castle. The "8 Kamp Thaya March" cycle route leads you back to the banks of the Danube until you reach "Velo 6" in the direction of Vienna. If you decide to follow the Iron Curtain Trail, after about 4 km you will reach the railway bridge of the Marchegger Ostbahn, which connects Austria with Slovakia. The route continues along the March River through untouched nature, past Vysoká pri Moravez to Záhorská Ves. The ferry will take you to Angern. From Angern there is a train to Vienna at least every hour. Bicycle transport is possible.

Twinny cycle route to Vienna (70 km): Bratislava Huma 6 mooring - Devin - Bicycle Bridge of Freedom - Hof Castle - Stopfenreuth - Orth - Schönau - Hubertus Dam - Lobau - Oil Harbour - Danube Island

Twinny cycle route to Angern (45 km): Bratislava Huma 6 mooring - Devin - Bicycle Bridge of Freedom – Devinske Jazero - Vysoká pri Morave - Záhorská Ves – Angern/Train Station

You may also take your bike along on the Twin City Liner for an extra charge of € 5,- per bike. An e-bike charging station is available! Please do not forget to take with you your bicycle helmet and an insect repellent!

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